Case Study / Barcroft Sports Center


Arlington County in Virginia wanted to build a sports facility that would become a positive resource in a diverse and changing neighborhood and community. It was to be a 30,000 square foot facility containing a variety of community sports programs, some of which otherwise did not have a place to conduct their outreach. Studio CrowleyHall's partner Michael Hall was working with Bowie-Gridley Architects, Inc. as a Project Architect at the time. He was responsible for the general design and management associated with the project.


This was a unique project in that it had to balance the needs and opinions of the local zoning board who oversaw the project, with the county's need to coordinate and develop its programs with input from the local communities. Simply put, the challenge was balancing a complex client situation with a high profile design and a restricted budget.


The design team, working with the county and local officials, developed a program that met community needs while simultaneously creating a beautiful, unique design that met the budget challenges and diverse design interests of a multi-faceted client.

The county worked with the design team, community organizations, and the zoning board to develop the building's programs. After this was established, Michael and his team developed a design that had a personality strong enough to withstand the various influences of all involved. By focusing the design on the overall form and taking advantage of natural lighting and expansive views of the surrounding park setting, the final design's arching roof forms captured the physical movement of the people inside. Also, by using simple materials and manipulating various building materials and techniques, the project came in $250,000 under budget. This made for a very happy client.

(photos of project)