Interior Design

Studio CrowleyHall helps clients assess their existing space and determine better ways to utilize this space in a more beautiful way. 

Understanding how you live and work helps us create living spaces that function better for you and inspire at the same time.

Examples of services we provide include:


Space Assessment

The best way to create new space is to make your existing space work better.

The key to this is assessing your current space, understanding how you live and work there, and determining ways to make that same space work better for you—all within your particular budget. 

This is done through a combination of methods, including moving walls, changing furniture layouts, upgrading materials, and improving lighting.

Studio CrowleyHall turns humdrum into beautiful, all while reflecting your unique style and incorpating your particular budget.


Color and Materials

Yearning for a bright red wall, but not sure how to pull it off? Did you find a fabulous light fixture, but not sure where to put it? Studio CrowleyHall can help.

We understand how colors and materials can affect the style, mood and identity of your spaces. We know how to use the tools of texture and light to render spaces to show your unique style and ideas.

Let Studio CrowleyHall help you to make beautiful spaces that appeal to your senses and reflect your unique style! 


Furniture, Built-Ins, Art & Accessories

Choosing furniture and selecting art and accessories can be overwhelming—Studio CrowleyHall can help. 

Good furniture selection and placement is based on how spaces are used and people flow through the room. By looking at how you live and work, we make recommensations on sizes and shapes of furniture that work best with those spaces. Via drawings and samples, we give you options for furniture layout and materials that would work well for your particular style and situation.

We also have extensive experience with designing and selecting art work, built-ins, and accessories that take spaces from humdrum to fabulous. It may be a custom window seat to capture a view, a pendant fixture to highlight a table, or just the right piece of art to enliven a blank wall—whatever it is, Studio CrowleyHall will walk through the options and find the best fit for you.


Custom Feature Design

We are artists and architects with calluses and dirty fingernails. We don't just create art on paper—we also work with our hands. Drawing from a background in fine arts and construction, we can design and create custom pieces for any part of your facility. Allow us to help you add that personal element to your space, using art to further express the spirit of your organization.

Our custom feature design services include:

 • Renderings, Vision Drawings, and Models—Do you need some extra persuasion for potential donors? A beautiful rendering or model of your new building or renovation can be just what they need to get behind your vision. 

 • Custom Murals—We can add a richness and depth to your space through the use of a custom tile mosaic, painting, fresco, or mural. Artistic floors, ceilings, walls—even windows—can add just the right personal touch to your new space. 

 • Mural Facilitation—Perhaps you would like your members, students, or community to help develop a special mural for your organization. We can coordinate this process to ensure a positive outcome that will strengthen your organization. 

 • Custom Furniture—For dining rooms, reception areas, and other places requiring a more human touch, we can create custom pieces of furniture to meet your unique needs. 

 • Individual Art Work—Choose from our gallery of landscape painting and artwork to find the piece that's appropriate for your space. We can also create custom artwork that is tailored to fit your specific needs.