Owner Services

Need to fix your roof, repair your porch, or replace your boiler? 

Tired of tripping over the same old chair or looking at that drab paint color?

Considering solar panels or more efficient appliances? 

Where do you start? 

Trying to find the right plumber, electrician or roofer can be overwhelming. On top of wading through the technical issues and pricing options, how do you find someone you can trust and who is responsive to your needs?

In addition to recommending contractors for all aspects of home and building repairs, Studio CrowleyHall can help clarify the scope of work, review proposals, and help you make the best choice for your particular situation. With the holistic and independent training of our staff, we provide objective recommendations which help you avoid common mistakes and get the most for your money.

Our specific services are noted below - call us today to see how we can help!


Construction & Project Troubleshooting

Not all projects go well. Maybe you have a situation with your contractor and you need a second opinion. Maybe you can't get a building permit or received a "stop work" order. You are stressed and not sure how to best proceed while protecting your investment.

Studio CrowleyHall has direct experience with resolving these types of issues and can help keep you moving forward.

Sample construction issues we can address:

  • general construction inspections and reviews,
  • structural inspections,
  • stop work orders,
  • obtaining permits,
  • design reviews,
  • material selections (windows, doors, flooring, tile, etc.).

Let us help you maximize your time and money—call us today for a consultation.


Custom Feature Design

We are artists and architects with calluses and dirty fingernails. We don't just create art on paper—we also work with our hands. Drawing from a background in fine arts and construction, we can design and create custom pieces for any part of your facility. Allow us to help you add that personal element to your space, using art to further express the spirit of your business.

Our custom feature design services include:

 • Custom Murals—We can add a richness and depth to your space through the use of a custom tile mosaic, painting, fresco, or mural. Artistic floors, ceilings, walls—even windows—can add just the right personal touch to your new space.

 • Mural Facilitation—Perhaps you would like your members, students, or community to help develop a special mural for your organization. We can coordinate this process to ensure a positive outcome that will strengthen your organization. 

 • Custom Furniture—For dining rooms, reception areas, and other places requiring a more human touch, we can create custom pieces of furniture to meet your unique needs. 

 • Individual Art Work—Choose from our gallery of landscape painting and artwork to find the piece that's appropriate for your space. We can also create custom artwork that is tailored to fit your specific needs.

Whatever your goals, our custom feature design service can help your business express the unique vision of what you do.

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Facilities Analysis & Life Cycle Costs

Has your organization outgrown its current home? Should you add to your existing facility or start over from scratch? Maybe your current facility is the right size, but it needs to be reworked to better accommodate a change in program. 

During our Feasibility Analysis, we'll help you identify the essence and spirit of your organization, and provide options for how to embody these things in your physical environment. We'll work with you and your Board of Directors to explore your organization's needs, we'll determine the exact spaces that fit these needs, and we'll recommend options for how you might renovate your existing facility or build a new one. We can also help you assess existing buildings, determine whether your project should be done in stages, and assist in getting the support of your neighbors and community.

Whether you're a small non-profit struggling for recognition or an established religious facility trying to accommodate a growing following, Studio CrowleyHall can help you. We understand the complexities of institutional clients. We know that your decisions must take into account a diverse group of people including users, administrators, and donors—all approaching the project with different priorities. We'll work with you to identify and organize these often conflicting objectives, synthesize the needs and wishes of the group, and help determine the best path for your organization to take.

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Interior Design

Studio CrowleyHall helps clients assess their existing space and determine better ways to utilize this space in a more beautiful way. Understanding how you live and work helps us create living spaces that function better for you and inspire at the same time.

Examples of services we provide include:

• interior color and finish recommendations,

• furniture layout and selection,

• lighting plans and fixture suggestions,

• cabinet layout and design,

• implementation of all the above.

Let us help you maximize your time and money—call us today for a consultation.


Energy Audit & How to 'Green' Your Building

Being 'green' is not necessarily super exciting stuff, but conserving energy is one of the biggest goals at Studio CrowleyHall. As Americans, we consume more than our fair share, but there are simple things we can all do to improve our buildings that don't need to be expensive—just smart.

Most of these things are based on building performance information—pressure tests, power audits, and building envelope analysis—all of which Studio CrowleyHall can help you obtain.

With that information, we help you prioritize and make recommendations based on your specific needs and budget requirements.

Samples of our services include:

• energy audit analysis,

• building envelope analysis,

• mechanical, electrical & plumbing system analysis,

• sustainable materials recommedations.

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I Don't Know What I Need!

It's okay—we can help you figure out and prioritize your needs, establish a budget, and make a plan to move forward.

By breaking down what appears to be an overwhelming mess into smaller, more tangible, projects (with costs for each), we'll help you make a plan to address the work in a more systematic manner over a period of time.

Studio CrowleyHall is experienced with all aspects of construction; we specialize in breaking big problems into smaller ones so our clients can tackle them in a sytematic way without feeling overwhelmed.

Let us help you maximize your time and money—call us today for a consultation.


Utility Services & Upgrades

The mechanical, electrical and plumbings system options available today are extensive. Trying to understand them all—and how they can interrelate—can be overwhelming.

Studio CrowleyHall can provide a holistic analysis of your buidling's various systems and help you determine budget options, identify long and short term costs, and plan for specific projects.

Let us help you maximize your time and money—call us today for a consultation.


Repair & Maintenance

Whether a single family residence or a multi-story building, Studio CrowleyHall can help assess your building to best address ongoing short and long term repair and maintenance issues.

Often with older buildings, trying to understand the technical and design issues associated with roofing systems, building finishes, and window/door openings can be overwhelming.

Studio CrowleyHall specializes in holistically analyzing and providing material options and related costs for all aspects of your building or home.

Let us help you maximize your time and money with anything from an overall building assessment to roof replacments or lobby upgrades.

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