We Design From the Inside Out. We start with understanding who you are, how you live and work, and how you see the world.

Our Buildings Are Good. Good buildings meet your critical needs. They fit into the surrounding neighborhood, the community, and the world at large—and they are beautiful. We are dedicated to ensuring that each of our projects embodies the essence and spirit of good building. We strive for quality design, technical soundness, and cost efficiency in everything we do.

Our Buildings Are Happy. Buildings are happy when they work well for you. Our buildings focus on the needs and tastes of the people that use them—creating a feeling of comfort, belonging, security, and ease. We work to make designs that are functional, efficient, and reasonable.

Our Buildings Weigh Less. We design buildings to tread lightly, minimally affect our neighbors, use resources effectively, and give back to the community.

Our Buildings Think. We believe each one of us makes a difference—that our actions affect people and that what they do affects us—both now and in the future. What we build is aware and conscious of the user, the community, and the environment.

We Design From The Inside Out. We are architects and artisans. We create good buildings that are made from good relationships with people, communities, and the environment. We design built environments that endure time, embody quality, and manifest quiet beauty.