Why It Pays to Invest in Smart, Small Home Improvements / AIA by Michael Hall

Excellent article from the American Institute of Architects. Check this out if you are thinking of how and why it pays to invest in your home and engage an experienced architect to make smart choices.


"A well-designed home can mean everything". 

"They say home is where the heart is. It's also where you’ve made your greatest investment—in a place where you and your family learn and grow. Architects know what that investment means, not only for your bank account but for your health. Architects can help you save big on energy costs. They can find materials that make you feel at home, and they can harness light to make you feel connected to nature. Architects design spaces that you can live in today and every day."

Better Kitchen Corner by Michael Hall

In kitchens where upper cabinets terminate into a corner, the storage use can be limited for shorter arms - ! A more attractive resolution that adds visual interest and openness (see photo) is an open shelf detail into the corner. It allows for functional storage (our clients pretty cast iron enamel pots in this case) as well as color and texture with the walnut shelves.


Chinatown, D.C. by Michael Hall

Great photo on the roof of our project at 819 6th St., NW!

From left to right: Anne Crowley (selfie person) and Michael Hall with Studio CrowleyHall,  Mark Smith, Darren Kornas (nice booties, Darren) with our construction team from ThinkMakeBuild, LLC,  Jacob Fuch’s representing the Owner   (most importantly!), and Matt Boley with TMB.

(Apologies to Nathan from SCH and Jaime from TMB who weren’t present but did most of the work!). We will post you too - don’t worry.

819 6th St Roof.jpeg

Solar Panels and Whole House Exhaust by Michael Hall

DC row house where we installed solar panels. Produces about 1/3 of the power needs of this residence with a payback if 3 - 5 years. Note the whole house exhaust fan in the background - moves about 5 air exchanges in 10 minutes for the entire house - creates a great soft breeze for those warm days with cool nights in the Spring and Fall. Takes the load off the AC system with significantly less energy use.